Engage with your potential prospects on the most widely-used messaging app - WhatsApp.

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At a Glance...

Why should your Business embrace the power of a Whatsapp chatbot?

Scale Up Engagement Rate

Interact with your customers on the platform they most frequently use, thereby driving up your engagement rate.

Convert More Leads

With an average open rate of 98%, a text message on WhatsApp is more likely to convert your leads than any other platform.

Send Personalized Notifications

Send targeted notifications such as delivery updates, booking reminders, invoices, order confirmations and other such important updates.

Send Contextual Response, Automatically

With WhatsApp chatbot integration, you can send instant response to your customers' queries automatically, at any given time of the day.

Upgrade Your Customer Service

Rich media, instant response, 24*7 uptime and a very intuitive interface - all take your customer service to the next level and help you retain customers.


Customer Support

Make customer support effortlessly easy for both your customers and your team, using WhatsApp chatbot. Solve your customers’ FAQs instantly, round the clock. Seamlessly switch over from the bot to a human for complex queries.


Shorten your sales cycle. Interact only with pre-qualified leads. Proactively engage with prospects and hot leads. Cross sell and upsell your existing customers. All with WhatsApp business chatbot.


Enjoy higher engagement rate and better brand recognition by reaching out to your audience on a platform they already use. Generate hot leads directly from your marketing campaigns.

How it works

Ready to get started? Get your own WhatsApp Business chatbot
up and running with Globbot to reap the benefits
of conversational marketing!

Requirements Sync

Our conversation design experts carefully review your requirements and prepare a detailed overview of the bot.

Design & Develop

The design team designs the most intuitive conversation flow and passes it onto our dev team for development.

WhatsApp Approved

If we are using the bot for notifications, the template copy will be sent to WhatsApp for approval.

Deploy & Iterate

We deploy the chatbot to your dedicated WhatsApp number and keep iterating the conversations based on the responses.