Automate Ticket Bookings & Hotel Reservations with a Travel & Hospitality Chatbot.

33% of consumers want to be able to use a chatbot to make a reservation at a hotel or restaurant.

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What can a chatbot do for the Travel & Hospitality Sector?

customer support

Booking Assistance

Have your chatbot handle customer ticket bookings and hotel reservations with ease 24/7.Bots will cross-sell or up-sell packages, recommend itineraries and process payments with minimal human intervention.

Refunds & Cancellations

Handle refunds and cancellations with ease. Send the latest ticket updates. Process refunds and rebookings right within the bot across website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other channels.

customer support
customer support

Handy Trip Guide

Go a step further by assisting your customer throughout the trip. Let the bot recommend local hotspots as per the customer’s preferences, and provide map directions.

Customer Service

Save time and money by automating FAQs, and avoiding long call centre queues. Reduce your support costs, and serve your customers by providing instant responses 24/7 on their preferred messaging platform.

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