“55% of consumers are interested in interacting with a Business using Messaging apps to Solve a Problem”

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customer support

Customer Support

Globbot chatbots bring customer support to a whole new level. They work 24\7, are always on time, don't need to rest or take breaks and instantly respond to queries whether it's day or night. A customer support chatbot can not only improve response times but also boost team productivity. They can be deployed on any channel to address repetitive queries and handle mundane business tasks.

Conversational Marketing & Sales

Conversational marketing is simply listening to your potential customer and providing feedback based on their specific needs. Globbot chatbots personalized approach uses the power of one at a time questions a lot like a real-time conversation. Today, sales is powered by conversations; not forms and follow-up. Globbot chatbots start meaningful conversations and qualify buyers so you can have the right conversation at the right time with the right customer.

customer support
customer support

Human Resources

Conversational A.I powered chatbots are here to change the way businesses interact with their employees. Globbot chatbots can automatically answer common employee requests about things like onboarding benefits, contact information, leave etc that are currently taken care of by the HR team thereby enhancing their efficiency.