Handle Sales Cycles from Product Discovery to Checkout With an E-Commerce Chatbot.

47% of shoppers are open to buying items from a bot.

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What can a Globbot Chatbot do for your Retail & E-commerce website?

customer support

Customised Product Recommendation

Understand your customers preferences by answering their queries and displaying products tailored to their needs. Help your customers discover new arrivals and special offers with ease. The chatbot will help drive more customers to the checkout page.

Shipment & Tracking

Notify your customers by sending latest updates on order confirmations, shipment, delivery status, collections and cancellations. Even better, customers can track their orders by simply interacting with the chatbot.

customer support
customer support

Recover Abandoned Carts

Revive abandoned carts by sending customised reminders. Prompt your customers to pick up right where they dropped off by automating timely reminders. With 70% open rate of chatbot messages, a chatbot can do wonders in reviving sales that would otherwise be lost.

Instant Customer Support

An e-commerce bot is present to serve your customers 24/7! Address FAQs on products & services instantly. The bot will automate all customer support tasks across all channels and help reduce operational costs for your business while increasing customer satisfaction.

customer support