Increase Admissions and Automate Student on-boarding with an Educational Chatbot.

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What can a Globbot Chatbot do for an Educational Institution?

customer support

Admission Process

Scale up your registration rates by solving student queries instantly, round the clock. Assist students through documentation guidelines, enrollment procedures, campus info without increasing manpower.

Course Recommendation

Provide personalized assistance to your students on the courses offered by your institution. With Globbots education chatbot, you can instantly resolve student queries on course curriculum, duration, subject credits, internship opportunities and more!

customer support
customer support

Student Onboarding

Make student onboarding smooth using Globbots education chatbot across multiple channels such as website, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for questions on orientation programs, campus visits, respective schedules, and upcoming events.

Campus Finder

Secure more leads for your educational institution using a chatbot. Help students find the ideal campus by easily matching their preferences based on cost, size, location, courses offered - all using the power of conversational AI.

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